March & Rally 2nd Sept 2023

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Why an independent Scotland in the EU?
Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster. It has seriously damaged Scottish exports, cost jobs, slowed our economy, robbed communities of essential EU funding and kicked off the cost of living crisis. Despite voting 62% to Remain, Scotland was ripped out of the EU against our will. Independence is the only realistic way Scotland can rejoin the EU. By joining we will be part of the world’s largest single market, boost our exports, regain access to highly skilled workers and see freedom of movement restored. Scotland must free itself from the unequal, unfair, high-cost, failing, Brexit Britain.

Who are Believe in Scotland?
Believe in Scotland is a non-party political, grassroots, national campaigning organisation for Scottish independence. We have a total of 131 local and 10 national affiliated Yes groups. Since launching our campaign in 2019, BiS and its partners have delivered 2.9 million items of physical campaign materials throughout Scotland. We have organised numerous Days of Action and covered the length and breadth of Scotland with our billboard campaigns. Believe in Scotland is probably best known for its book Scotland the Brief, which makes the economic argument for independence and has sold over 70,000 copies.

Who are Yes for EU?
Yes for EU is a national organisation campaigning for independence and full EU membership for Scotland. Supporters include new Scots and many who voted ‘No’ in 2014. Peace, human rights, climate action, educational and research opportunities, economic wellbeing and freedom of movement – these are the benefits that independence and EU membership will bring.